Make it happen

I’m going to try and jot down ideas that I would like to attempt in the classroom here. Normally I forget what it was I wanted to try so this shall be the repository.

  • Get Phil Cams book on philosophy in the classroom. Podcast a conversation with the kids about an environmental issue and set kids the task of playing podcast at home (if need be) getting opinions from other people and leaving a voice comment, comment or voicethread response on the blog.

Students record the weekly newsletter on a podcast with ‘tips for sustainable living’ included.

Kids make games! This is the big one for me. No idea how to run with it yet ie: gamemaker but have some real learning to do.

Students use the Battlefront handbook to design and deliver an activist agenda. Be inspired by the kids of Battlefront in the UK

Useful resource: Short and Curly.

This is a series of philosophy podcasts for kids. Very well presented.

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