Slow Learning Movement.

As usual Radio National have done it again and got my mind all-a-flutter. This time the idea was about the Slow Food movement from Italy in the 1980’s. In response to Fast Food – they made time for ‘slow food’. The connection between this and education is self evident. In fact a quick search of the RN website shows that even in 2007 they were talking about slow food in schools.

Have a look at this carl_honore_praises_slowness.html TED presentation.

What I love of course is the timing of all of this. If I were not in the middle of helping to set up what I now know might be known as a ‘Slow School’ programme, I wouldn’t have paid that much attention to it. At any rate, I’m going to pop in a few links here and jot down any salient points as they come to mind. I’m in no hurry though – even if this is an idea worthy of the times.

This makes for some interesting reading on the subject.


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