Learning for Sustainability

There is such a rich heritage in this area of education. It is also interesting to note (anecdotally) that a lot of the research on Student Voice is connected with activism in the area of sustainability issues.

I’m particularly interested at the moment in the idea of school design and the way artifacts (building, chairs, ways of moving from one space to another, landscape etc.) afford  student agency, student voice (especially in the planning phase) and even implicit learning. Actually, since having moved in to my new BER classroom, I’ve not stepped foot in the old ‘Mod5’ demountable classroom to retrieve my bits and bots. Apart from there being no time, I’m just not motivated to go back into that dank smelly excuse for a learning environment.

At any rate, the idea of a ‘wind solar pavilion’ is very tempting at the moment. The cookie cutter BER (Building Education Revolution) buildings sprouting up around the country could employ walk ways that are roofed with solar panels, with LED security lights powered by micro wind turbines and gutters plumbed into the BER water tanks. They would be semi circles and could even be mounted on huge treetrunks as the frame.

Here is an example of a stand alone wind solar pavilion.

Imagine the frame made from tree trunks!

I really like the idea of sticking the turbine on top of live tree.

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