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Hmm, I don’t know who you are reading this – but if you find any little bits of stuff that find a place in your world then that is great. As for me, this is a little collection of new stuff I hear and learn about and quickly forget where I learned and heard about it! I am forever doing things in my classroom out of response to some interesting research or idea – then can’t quite justify it or reject it without access to the original inspiration. Most of the themes I am trying to tie together include classroom design, student agency, teacher agency, pedagogy, ICT and school leadership and particularly sustainability education.

First up then is today’s podcast from All In The Mind.

Making Sense of Noise.

The US Standards can be seen here.


Be heard not seen.

Idea: A portable mic on in the classroom will lead to better hearing for all – better concentration and better learning.

Students learning to use the mic will develop public speaking and classroom leadership skills.

Idea Genesis: Overhearing a conversation in staff room about Karen helping hearing impared students with a audio set up.

Research: As above – RN program being a good summary.

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  1. Tried this for some months. Seems that the technology is not up to it. The $70 headset I bought has a delay, though not as bad as the delay from the $20 pair I got. The upshot is that one has to speak quietly and very slowly so as not to be talking over the 1/2 second delay coming through the speakers. This is all a very good thing for students. The only problem is that it is far to distracting to teach with, and unsettles many of the kids. Also there can be a high pitched ‘air’ noise in the background. The kind that you are only aware of when it is gone – but gee, you notice it by its absence.

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